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Student Health

Deer Creek’s nursing services are overseen by the Student Services department. It is our mission to support the overall health and wellness of our students by promoting a safe environment to foster student growth and educational success.  On this page, you can find guidelines on keeping your child home from school when they are sick, medication policy, immunization information, and health forms.

Should I keep my child home from school?

For the protection of our students and employees, your child will be sent home if any of the above symptoms, conditions, illnesses are found or suspected during the school day.

References: Oklahoma City County Health Department Fact Sheets


We request that you adjust your child’s schedule to eliminate the need to take medication during the school day. In the event it is necessary for a child to take medicine during the school day, the following procedure will be followed:

  • All medicines are to be brought to the school nurse or secretary by parent/guardian and they will be required to fill out a medication consent form. 

  • All OTC medicines must be brought in a New/Unopened bottle. Prescription medications require a doctor’s order. Dosages of medicine cannot be changed unless a note from the doctor is on file.

  • If your child needs to self carry their medication, a self- carry form must be completed and signed by both parent/guardian and physician.